Why Don't People Care About Science?! –– Science Journalism, Pop Culture, and Policy in the Trump Era

Bringing up the Superbowl at a Sunday BBQ is cool, but bringing up science is much less “socially acceptable”… Likewise, people read about politics and celebrity gossips, but why not the science section in newspapers and magazines? Is it just because science journalism is fundamentally less interesting? Or is it because our society lacks appreciation for science and intellectual discourse?  

Mr. Mike Lemonick is here to answer those questions and provide his insights on Trump’s latest science policies. Mike is Opinion Editor at Scientific American. He has written more than 50 Time magazine cover stories on science, and has written for National GeographicThe New Yorker and other publications. And go check out Mike’s 7th book The Perpetual Now: A Story of Amnesia, Memory, and Love –– it’s a great read!

This interview will be co-hosted by both Tiger and Brian Kraus. Brian is a graduate student in Princeton and the host of “These Vibes Are Too Cosmic,” a talk radio program at Princeton’s WPRB 103.3 FM where experts share cutting-edge science research with listeners on and off campus. It’s truly a pleasure for Policy Punchline to collaborate with Brian on this interview and share his years of science knowledge and radio show hosting experience. Here’s an article from Princeton’s communications office about Brian’s show – check it out! 

Mr. Mike Lemonick

Mr. Mike Lemonick

Tiger Gao