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Tiger Gao

Tiger hosts the show and oversees the production process. He is a sophomore with a prospective major in economics and minors in German and the Values and Public Life program. 

After graduating from boarding school, Tiger attended a macroeconomics summer program at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics with a bunch of Ph.D. students and policy makers. He didn’t understand much of the course material but fell in love with macroeconomics and public policy debates.

He now serves as the Director of Outreach of undergraduate associates at Princeton’s Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance, and founded “Policy Punchline” in hope to make high-quality policy discussions accessible to more people and create a platform where diverse ideas and talents can come together.

In his free time, Tiger does stand-up comedy, plays squash, and is an avid art museum goer. You can watch his stand-up clips on or catch him at this year’s Munich Comedy Festival in the summer. He can be reached at