Matthias Thiemann

Prof. Matthias Thiemann discusses post-financial-crisis regulations in Europe and the U.S. He will introduce the shadow banking industry to us, and will explain the danger of “regulatory competition” and the future of the European Union.

Prof. Thiemann visited us at Princeton from Sciences Po, also known as the Paris Institute of Political Studies. He is both a political economist and a sociologist, and he primarily researches on post-crisis regulatory changes in the U.S. and Europe and the regulators’ attempts to control risk taking behaviors in the financial industry. Prof. Thiemann gave a lecture at Princeton titled “The Regulation of Finance in Europe after the Euro Crisis,” which will be presented in this episode as well.

Prof. Thiemann’s book The Growth of Shadow Banking: A Comparative Institutional Analysis was just released in May, 2018, which you may purchase on Amazon:

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