SEC After the Financial Crisis: Scandals, Free-Functioning Markets, and Reasons for Deregulation

What role did the SEC play in the past decade shaping up new financial regulations in the aftermath of the crisis? Is the agency capable of reinventing itself for change? What is the future for SEC regulations for the financial markets and institutions? How can we encourage more IPOs in our public markets? ...

In this episode, Mr. Norm Champ, former Director of Investment Management Division at SEC, discusses the inner workings of the SEC, the efficacy of financial regulations, the drawbacks of the Dodd-Frank Act, the importance of boosting the U.S. public markets, and his book "Going Public" among other topics.

While at the SEC, Mr. Champ played a key role in the SEC’s completion of landmark reforms in 2014 to strengthen the $3 trillion money market fund industry, and led important structural and policy changes in the Division of Investment Management. He was the leader of interactions with the Financial Stability Oversight Council as the Council turned its attention to whether asset management firms are “systemically important.” He also worked on crisis management efforts at securities firms to protect customers of those firms.

Mr. Champ also headed the creation of Guidance Updates and Senior Level Engagement initiatives, both of which were established to provide transparency to the industry about the priorities and goals of the SEC and to create a dialogue between policymakers and the senior management of asset management firms.

Mr. Champ's book "Going Public," which talks about his experiences at the SEC, is available on Amazon. For more information, please visit

Going Public: My Adventures Inside the SEC and How To Prevent the Next Devastating Crisis

Going Public: My Adventures Inside the SEC and How To Prevent the Next Devastating Crisis

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