Where is the U.S.-China Trade War Headed Next?

The policy punchline from Chad Bown:

“We still have no idea what the Trump administration's objectives on trade actually are. We think we’ve narrowed it down to maybe three or four things, but I’d be skeptical of anybody who tells me that they know for sure what President Trump’s trying to achieve. So my final punchline is – listen to Trade Talks, and we’ll keep you informed about how things evolve.”

We recorded this interview with Trade Talks host Chad Bown back in February. That was a time when we were still uncertain whether a deal would be reached on March 1 between China and the U.S. on whether the 10% tariffs would rise to 25% for the $200 billion Chinese imports to the U.S.

Things have really evolved in the past few months with both good and bad times. The 25% tariffs became a reality, and on August 1, President Trump announced that additional 10% tariff will be levied on another $300 billion of Chinese imports. On August 5, the U.S. officially declared China as a Currency Manipulator, and we saw a huge stock market crash following that announcement.

We’ve saved this interview waiting for the big moment to release it, and we think now is truly a critical moment in U.S-China relations and also an appropriate time for us to release this interview with Chad on the trade war. A few months have passed by, but we truly believe that our listeners can still learn so much from Chad’s insights.

Chad Bown

Chad Bown

Trade Talks  Podcast, co-hosted by Chad Bown and Soumaya Keynes

Trade Talks Podcast, co-hosted by Chad Bown and Soumaya Keynes

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